We are an inspected, registered and approved
Agritourism, with independent apartments for
our guests, by the Comune of Roccaverano,
the Province of Asti and the ASL.
Site created by:
The Lady of the Cascina
Even the most
demanding executives
can relax at Cascina
Cascina Rosso is the perfect setting where you
can relax and enjoy warm hospitality
surrounded by the pleasures of the peace and
quiet of Mother Nature in the beautiful Langa
" ...The birds sing for you. The sun rises and it sets for you. The stars come out for you.  
Every beautiful thing  you see, every wonderous thing  you experience is all there for you.
Take a look around..."
The Secret  
by Rhonda Byrne
Adriano Rosso & Judith Rivera Rosso

Reg. Caramello Piandonne, 26
14050 Roccaverano  (Asti)  Italia

Tel:  (+39)  0144 - 93100        
Cell: (+39) 339 - 8749494

E-mail: rosso.cascina@libero.it

Every moment of your relaxing vacation at Cascina
Rosso is a memory that will last forever :-)
Roccaverano, at 800
meters above sea level,
has the highest elevation
of the Langa Astigiana,
giving Cascina Rosso the
gift of spectacular and
breathtaking panoramas.
The road to the Cascina  in Spring                                       ...  in Autumn                                                  ... and Winter
Our geographical coordinates:
Latitude, North:   44.60783136131722
Longitude, East: 08.297885656356812
Welcome to our paradise!

We believe that your vacation  is  a
very special time and we invite you to
spend your holiday here, enjoying all
the peace of this land, the energizing
freshness of the air of our hills, the
relaxation and the truly beautiful
moments that we are so happy to
offer you.

Judy and Adriano Rosso
One of the
many huge
wild orchids
that grow here
Enjoy one of many spectacular sunsets, your delicious breakfast view and unspoiled nature.
“ Without silence, there is no peace for the soul.”

Have you discovered the benefits of Silence ?

Some of our guests have expressed their gratitude for our participation
in a recent worldwide movement in hospitality
that gives guests the opportunity, if they choose,  to experience silence in nature.

Silence is golden!!

Cascina Rosso is the ideal location for a personal silence retreat. Depending on your
personal needs, you can choose to spend  your entire stay with us
or perhaps just a few hours or less - without talking or being spoken to.

Of course, you can also choose to enjoy a "normal" non-silent vacation
at Cascina Rosso :-)
The Quality Award
That's us in the middle happily receiving the  Award from the Chamber of
Commerce of Asti, Italy for recognized Quality Hospitality
A  Warm  Welcome  to  Cascina Rosso
where your dreams really can come true.
Roccaverano, Italy
Awarded for Quality Hospitality
Vegan OK: The First
Italian Vegan
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What do you dream of having, doing or being? If you dream of making
beautiful memories during your vacation, travel with us in the pages of our
website to begin to understand  the beauty, nature and biodiversity that  is
waiting for you here at Cascina Rosso.

Before we came to this paradise, we also had a dream. Even though many told
us that it was an impossible dream, we believed in it. We soon learned that
believing in a dream is not always enough to make it happen. We knew that
something in us had to change, to grow, to expand if we were to realize the
dream of Cascina Rosso.

We studied with and learned from world famous experts about how to turn
dreams into reality. And so, we learned to not only realize our own dreams but
to also help others manifest  theirs. In addition to the wonderful hospitality of a
Cascina Rosso vacation, we also offer the options of Life Coaching, Practical
Spirituality™, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Reiki.

Here are some of
the delisious
choices for your
And after a relaxing breakfast, what can you do at Cascina Rosso?

  • Walk in nature, do trekking, enjoy birdwatching

  • Visit nearby medieval towns and villages

  • Visit major cities such as Turin, Milan or Genoa
or the famous historic towns such as Alba, Barolo, Bra, La Morra and Cherasco

  • Discover the nearby Ligurian Riviera and its picturesque villages by the sea

  • Relax in the Cascina under our warm sun with or without a great book

  • Taste local wines and the world famous local cheese called Robiola while you enjoy
the fabulous colors of a Cascina Rosso sunset

  • Prepare dinner in your apartment or enjoy a night out at one of the nearby
restaurants that specialize in the cooking and wines of Piedmont

  • Be fascinated at the vastness of the star-filled night skies above Cascina Rosso
a Bed, Breakfast and Organic Farm in the beautiful hills of Northern Italy
As you can see on the "Apartments" page we sponsor a
bio-dynamic vineyard. We do it because the owners
create an excellent pure wine  that is a delightful
experience to accompany your peaceful, reflective and
joyful moments at Cascina Rosso. You can purchase
this wine directly from us. And, naturally, you can
bring this wine and its memories with you when you
return home.
After Genoa, I’m going to
Cascina Rosso in
Roccaverano for some
needed rest and relaxation!
Cascina Rosso is one of the rare Agriturismos
and B&Bs that have not received any public
money. All we do is a result of our work, our
sweat, our savings, our creativity. Looking
forward to sharing this paradise with you!